Parenting is hard.

We make it easier.

Muse sends you fun daily activities to enrich your child’s life story.

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What is Muse?

You train Muse each day by answering simple questions about your child. Muse combines your responses with decades of life-outcomes research to design stress-free activities that boost your child’s unique development. Watch how it works

Muse delivers daily SMS or in-app messages with actionable recommendations to improve the life of your child

These messages are customized to your child based on the questions you answer about your child.

Get Started with Muse for just $25/year.

Get Muse for just $25/year per child. Muse is currently available for children 0-12 years old and for purchase by school and childcare communities.


$50/Year Per Family

Whether you have 2.5 children or 10, this plan allows you to get a year of Muse for your whole family.

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Single Child

$25/year per Child

For the same price as one dinner out at a restaurant, you can have a year of Muse for your child! Pre-purchase now and get 6 months of free service with your first year.


Change a Child's Life

Socos Labs is a 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to improving the lives of children in need through the distribution of Socos’ products & research about learning development.

We read the research, so you don’t have to.

The activities and questions that Muse sends are based on peer-reviewed research. The activities are aimed at fostering the development of life-skills that will promote your child's long-term success.

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Muse takes away the guesswork, so that you get to focus on loving your child.

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