Give Parents a Superpower

What's Muse?

Muse gives you one thing to do each day to support the lifelong development of your child.

Muse sends you daily SMS or in-app messages with actionable suggestions to improve the life of your child.

We customize these messages by asking you questions about your child, and collecting snippets of audio and pictures of your child’s artwork.

Our suggestions are based on decades of educational research into what works to foster long-term development.

We provide authentic and oftentimes overlooked insights into what will help your child most in the long run.

Customized to Your Child

“As parents, we want answers, not more data.” - Vivienne Ming, Founder

Our advanced cognitive models are able to use the simple bits of data you provide to learn the unique needs of your child.


$25/year per Child

Sign up now and get 6 months of free service with your first year!

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Change a Child's Life

Give two years of Muse and change a life story.


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The creators of Muse are parents themselves. Watch this video to learn about the system they’ve built to answer a question every parent wonders:

“What can I do, right now, to help my child?”

Available for Pre-Purchase Today

Muse is now available for pre-purchase.

If you pre-purchase you will receive recommendations as soon as Muse goes live this fall. In addition, you will receive 18 months of service for $25, instead of the usual 12 months.